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Re-Engergizing Shampoo

Want a pick me up for dull, limp hair? Try our DIY recipe:


1 bowl (soup or ramekin)

2 tablespoons shampoo

2 teaspoons coffee (we love Puroast)

1 scoop or packet collagen peptides ( we love Vital Proteins)



Place shampoo in bowl.

Add in coffee and collagen.

Stir well.

Apply to scalp.

Alternate between gently scrubbing and massaging the scalp all around the head for 2-3 minutes.

Rinse with cool or tepid water.

Apply conditioner.


Style as usual.

Use 1-2 times per week.

Better Skin For You

(As seen in New York Lifestyles Magazine)

By Daryn Mayer


With warmer weather around the corner, what’s the best way for busy New Yorkers to spring into shape without wasting a lot of time and effort? As a former fitness trainer and instructor, I am very particular about working out, and I believe that exercise should be fun, safe, and effective.


According to TV host and fitness pro Eraldo Maglara, “The perfect workout should focus on your fitness goals, and it should be designed to motivate you to increase your strength and stamina.”

He continues, “You should try to incorporate more than one type of exercise in your workout, however if you find something you love, stick with it. Today’s fitness trend is about personalized instruction, either individual or in small groups. And it’s not just on-site anymore. A lot of boutiques are streaming their classes to reach members who can’t make it to their facilities”, says Eraldo.


Here’s a roundup of some of the best fitness classes and studios that offer perfectly balanced workouts. Each class includes hands-on instruction, fabulous music, motivation, and high energy to keep you working until the end.


Bonus For New York Lifestyles readers, mention No Fuss Fitness for a complimentary class in April 2017 from any one of these facilities. Check with studio for details.




Flywheel Indoor Stadium Cycling:




Created by legendary instructor, Ruth Zukerman, one of the driving forces behind the indoor cycling phenomenon, Flywheel offers classes with highly trained instructors in a stadium setting. Their proprietary seating, which is both curved and tiered, ensures that riders have an unobstructed view of the instructor and that every seat is the best seat.


During each class, talented Flywheel instructors lead you through climbs, descents, races, rhythm-riding, and sprints to supercharge your day. All of the activities are set to musical playlists that are crafted to motivate, inspire, and empower you, not just in class but in life.


Flywheel’s innovative technology puts the power of your ride at your fingertips. Each Flywheel bike is equipped with a small computer screen, or TechPack, which allows riders to view their real-time performance data and total energy expended. Instructors provide clear targets for RPMs and torque during the ride, which makes it easy for you to challenge your toughest competitor: yourself.


Additionally, Flywheel classes are not just for your legs; they also help to strengthen your core. Flywheel’s workout also helps to tone your arms with a pair of weighted bars.


Finally on a personal note, I think that the classes are invigorating, addictive, and worth every penny.





Flywheel Sports offers an IOS app that makes it easy to browse, reserve, and manage your classes online. Classes are located throughout the New York metropolitan area. And for Frequent Flywheelers, they offer monthly membership and bulk pricing packages. Bonus perks include complimentary shoes, towels, fruit, and water.

For more information on Flywheel Sports, visit






Created by Brian Ripka, Ripped Fitness is an amazing and effective fifty minute workout. Ripped combines dynamic strength and sculpting exercises with a high-intensity cardio treadmill. Their specially-trained, experienced instructors guide, encourage, and inspire you through this full-body fitness regimen using state-of-the-art Woodway Treadmills, which is the gold standard used to train professional athletes around the world.

Each class includes great music that is selected by instructors who inspire and guide you in a luxurious environment. You may never have more fun exercising than you do on a treadmill at Ripped.

They offer the ability to reserve classes online, and for Daily Rippers they have bulk and live-streaming options available. Bonus perks include a water bottle and cushy orange towels, and they have locations on the Upper East Side and in Westchester.

For more information on Ripped Fitness, visit



AKT (Anna Kaiser Technique)

Created by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, all of the AKT classes incorporate high intensity intervals with flexibility and strength training, which provides participants with a comprehensive workout. The content of AKT classes changes every two weeks in order to prevent plateauing by keeping both the body and the mind challenged. With a variety of classes to choose from, AKT has something for everyone:



On demand streaming is available, as well as memberships and bulk packages. Bonus perks include beautiful showers and changing rooms, infused water and special events.






Daryn Mayer is a producer, marketing savant, journalist and has been a trendsetter in the lifestyle industry for many years. She has collaborated with outstanding media brands including Fox TV, Telepictures, NewsCorp, American Express Publishing, Hearst Media and many others. Co-Founder of you fortified™ (, she and her business partner, Erin Cashell provide a go-to destination and resource for the best of accessible and luxuriant lifestyle products and solution for living a fortifying lifestyle. If you would like Daryn to review your fitness class or studio for future consideration, please send an email to









By Daryn Mayer, you fortified™




Summer is a great time for parties and entertaining.


Whether it’s brunch, a barbecue, or a picnic at the beach, delicious desserts can be the perfect ending for the perfect meal.


We are what we eat. How can we indulge in decadent desserts, keep our waistlines slim, and still look radiant?


You don’t have to desert desserts, but you should choose desserts that have healthful ingredients such as fruits, coconuts, and almonds that can promote a healthy body and appease our taste buds when they’re consumed in moderation.


So if you are going to indulge yourself and enjoy desserts, why not make it both healthful and delicious?


You Fortified™ asked New York based, master dessert chef and Chairman of the Culinary Tech Center in New York, Chef Jorge Bruderer, to create exclusive Good For You Dessert Recipes for Fashion Manuscript readers.


These desserts are simple to prepare, easy to travel with, and best of all as delicious as they are healthy.


So as we enjoy the rest of summer, here are some sweet and savory deserts that when consumed judiciously, will have a myriad of health benefits.




1 cup Cherries 1/4

1-1/2 teaspoon freshly ground Black Pepper

1/2 Lemon juiced

1 teaspoon Stevia


2 cups Coconut Water


Lemon zest


Add coconut water to a small metal bowl that will be able

to fit in your freezer. Mix the coconut water every 15

minutes till frozen and hold in freezer.

Mix cherries, black pepper, lemon juice, and stevia in a

Bowl and let it stand for 15 minutes stirring the mixture

a few times.


When you’re ready to assemble add the granita first, top

it off with the cherries, garnish with the lemon zest, and

serve immediately.



Healthful benefits:





1 cup Blueberries 1/2

1/2 Lime juiced

1-Tablespoon Stevia

Pinch of salt


2 cups Almond milk

2 sheets of Gelatin or 1 Tablespoon Agar

3-Teaspoon Stevia


Pinch of cinnamon powder

Zest of 1/2 lime


Submerge the gelatin in ice water till it blooms (becomes soft)

Add the almond milk and Stevia to a small saucepot, bring to

a boil. Once it has come to a boil remove from the stovetop

and allow the gelatin to melt into the milk. If you prefer to use

Agar Instead then add it to the mixture before it comes a boil.

Refrigerate till firm. For the blueberries, add the remaining

ingredients in a bowl and allow it sit for 20-30 minutes or until

The mixture has released enough natural juice. Next Cut the

gelée in squares or Diamond shapes. Place half the blueberry

mixture on a plate or wine glass, add the gelée next, top off

with the remaining blueberries, and garnish with a sprinkle of

Cinnamon powder and lime zest. Serve chilled.



Healthful Benefits:



So you can eat your way to a healthier you. Just remember to consume these delectable delights in moderation, and to include healthful ingredients that not only taste great but also help to fortify you, inside and out.


Good For You Cocktails (as seen in New York Lifestyles Magazine)


By Daryn Mayer, you fortified™



Spring is a great time for parties and entertaining. Whether it’s brunch, a barbecue, or just a get together with friends, delicious and appetizing food and drinks should be the center of every celebration.


We are what we drink and eat. How can we toast to our good health and imbibe our way to radiant skin?


Gluten-free vodkas can have many health benefits when consumed in moderation, which is no more than one cocktail per day for a healthy adult woman. So if it’s only going to be a single drink, why not make it a special one?


Research shows that consuming vodka in moderation can help reduce stress, which can be beneficial to your mind, body, and skin. Vodka’s medicinal properties have also been shown to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, and could possibly reduce your risk of ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked) and your risk of diabetes.


Unlike vodkas that are made from wheat and grain, consuming a gluten-free vodka may help to prevent against side effects such as bloating, upset stomach, and abdominal pain for those with Celiac disease or sensitive digestion.


So as we celebrate springtime, here are some savory libations that, when consumed in moderation, can have a myriad of healthful benefits.


Cheers to your good health.


A Step in Thyme       


2 oz.                Crushed pomegranate seeds

2                      Thyme sprigs

½ oz.               Lime juice

½ oz.               Agave

1/2                  Orange wedge

2 oz.                Gluten-free, corn-based vodka

1                      Egg white


In a cocktail shaker muddle the pomegranate with the orange wedge. Add all the ingredients, but hold the ice. Give the concoction few hard shakes. Then fill with ice to the top and give it a few more hard shakes. Strain into a cocktail glass that you can rim with salt if you choose to do so.


Its healthful benefits:







Tomato Oyster Cocktail  


4 oz.                Tomatoes blended

2                      Kale leaves

1 tsp.             Cayenne

1 oz.                Lime juice

2 oz.                Gluten-free, corn-based vodka

Dash             Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp.              Fresh ginger

1 tsp.              Turmeric

1 tsp               Sea salt

3                      Shucked raw oysters


Blend tomatoes, oysters and kale together. Pour into mixing cup add ice to the top. Fill with the rest of the ingredients. Shake ingredients well and pour into mason jar or glass of choice.


Its healthful benefits:









Chocolate Almond Highball 


2oz.                 Almond milk

1/2                  Orange wedge muddled

1½ oz.            Gluten-free, corn-based vodka

1½ oz.            Shaved dark chocolate


Combine all the ingredients in the cocktail glass. Strain into a highball glass on the rocks garnish and with shaved dark chocolate.


Its healthful benefits:







Garden Martini 


4 oz.    Gluten-free, corn-based vodka

1          Lime squeezed

6          Slices of seedless cucumber muddled or pureed

3          Sprigs mint


Place all of the ingredients in shaker and add one cup of ice. Shake for 1 minute. Strain and pour into martini glass, garnish with one cucumber slice and lime.


Its healthful benefits:









So you can imbibe your way to a healthier you. Just remember to drink responsibly and include healthful ingredients that not only taste great but will help to fortify you inside and out.









Recipes developed with Manhattan based Mixologist, Blanca Yungaicela. for you fortified™

Spa at Home

In addition to in-office procedures and daily applications of slimming lotion, there are some great home remedies that help you reduce unwanted bloating and lose fat. You can turn your kitchen and bathroom into your own mini-spa with two great Fortified recipes.

In the Bathroom, we recommend the Banish the Bloat Detox Bath

Simply add two cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes once a week to help remove unwanted toxins and relieve bloating. If you are getting ready for a special occasion, a detox bath daily for a few days beforehand is recommended.

magnesium salt (magnesium sulphate) in wooden spoon

In the Kitchen, or on the go, sip yourself slimmer with our recipe for Fortified Cucumber Elixir

This simple and delicious beverage can be enjoyed before, during and after a relaxing soak in the tub or just as a refreshing pick-me-up at anytime. We recommend 4-6 glasses of this beverage daily. Easy to make at home with basic ingredients you’ll find in any supermarket.

1-2 Liters water – flat mineral water is preferred, we like Evian or try a Brita water filter to purify your tap water

Ice – We use just a handful of cubes (you can make from mineral water as well)

1 cucumber – We prefer hot house seedless

1 lemon – We prefer lemon but you can substitute lime

10-15 Fresh mint leaves

Dash of Cayenne pepper


Detox Infused Water with Cucumber and Lime


Why this combo?

Cucumber: Contains citrulline, which is an amino acid that has been shown to help with detox of the liver and kidneys. It gets rid of ammonia, which is a by-product of the proteins our bodies burn for energy.

Water: Helps flush toxins and waste through our system while keeping us hydrated.

Lemon: Stimulates the digestive track, enhancing the metabolism by making foods easier to digest. It’s also helpful to alleviate constipation, heartburn, or gas.

Mint: Helps you digest effectively because it improves the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder to the small intestine, breaking down dietary fats. It also helps relax cramped stomach muscles.

Cayenne Pepper: The name of the popular and chemical present in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. Capsaicin is an effective thermogenic chemical, which speeds up the body’s metabolic activity and also decreases the appetite. Consuming cayenne on regular basis helps to effectively reduce weight.


Healthful Cocktails

If you are entertaining, and want to enjoy a healthful cocktail, simply swap out the water for one ounce of vodka – we prefer Tito’s – or tequila – we prefer Don Julio Blanco – and four ounces of sparkling water – we like Perrier or Polar. Serve over ice in tall chilled glasses. Garnish with lemon or lime. There’s no sugar or sodium so this is a cocktail to be enjoyed (in moderation, of course) without guilt.