For Home




By Daryn Mayer


Whether you are designing a home for the first time, or simply want to

freshen up the look of a room, it’s important to create a sense of

natural beauty and balance in order to ensure that every moment

spent in your environment inspires revitalizing serenity and

rejuvenating invigoration.


According to you fortifed™ guest expert, world renowned, New York-based

interior designer and best-selling author, Laura Bohn, of Laura Bohn Design

Associates “the key to creating a well edited home is to combine beauty with

functionality. “ For example you could combine unexpected hues and

shapes to give rooms depth and richness. You could mix Ralph Lauren

with Ikea and then choose materials that are durable and stain

resistant, adds Bohn.


Here are some more of Laura’s tricks of the trade, which will help

ensure beauty and balance throughout your home:



Balance Your Environment:


Use color to stay consistent.




Keep It Simple:


Repeat a color or shape, and be consistent in term of

style, colors, and design.




Add Depth and Richness:


“Pair unexpected hues and shapes. Combine similar colors and shades

using the same materials. Employ a range of textured fabrics, pale

woods, and faded colors.



Infuse Nature and Maximize Light:


Choose exterior materials like wood and stone indoors. Select colors

that can be found in nature such as blues, greens, grays, and wooden

tones. Choose art with landscape themes and colors. Re-orient

furniture so it faces the outside light.



Edit and Organize:


Less is more: unclutter, curate, put similar items together, and overlap

things like mirrors, paints, vases, and objects D’ART.



Create Focal Points:


Paint a rectangle on one wall behind a sofa in a color that highlights an

area, or add a piece of art to extend the space of the room.