Welcome to you fortified™

You fortified was founded by Daryn Mayer,  a nutritionist, wellness coach and influencer, (before social media), who’s always strived to incorporate the healthiest products and services into her personal lifestyle.

She created her company, as a  platform to share her coveted tips, innovative product recommendations, useful recipes, and expert advice for living a lifestyle filled with beauty and wellness in form and function.

All of her content must pass her threshold of superior quality and functionality: From breaking down product ingredients, to promoting healthy living throughout every aspect of your lifestyle, Daryn curates and tests all of the products and services that she recommends personally, in order to ensure that they meet  her high standard.

Daryn believes that looking and feeling your best is a choice not a trend.

You fortified by Daryn Mayer makes living your best life simple and fun.

And this is where we’ll show it and do it so you can live it.